Correva l'anno 1947


Since 1947, Canella has only grown: With great commitment and originality, a tiny business finds great success.

Since 2021

Historic Italian Brand

As of 2021, the Canella logo became part of the prestigious registry of “Historic National Brands” – and incredibly important recognition from the Italian Ministry of Finance for brands that have always believed in Italian excellence. 

Canella was thus added to the list of names that includes Saila, Sasso oil, Forst beer, Lucano Amaro, Cirio, Sperlari, Ferrari and Antinori.

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we made a special edition wine: A precious Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore, which represents all of Canella’s family experiences.

Discover more about the Historic Italian Brands Association.

Un calice Canella, l’esperienza veneziana in bottiglia!

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